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About Purus Vodka

Our mission is to craft:

•A clean, smooth vodka with a taste profile that exceeds the expectations of even the most well-versed vodka connoisseur.

•A vodka that people feel good about drinking.

That’s why we dedicate ourselves to creating clean, organic vodka. We have a perfect partner who shares our mission: the Sacchetto family. Their family-owned distillery lies in the scenic Piedmont region of Italy. Piedmont means “foot of the mountain” and the distillery literally sits at the foot of the Italian Alps.

A local faith healer and friend of the Sacchetto family discovered a supply of pure crystalline water on the distillery grounds: the snow-capped Italian Alps. Combine this pure water with organic grain—free of commercial fertilizers and pesticides– and you have the ingredients for Purus vodka. The Sacchetto family is committed to organic farming–a dedication rooted in their belief that organic goods are not only better for those who consume them, but better for sustaining the environment.

In Latin, Purus means clean, refined, genuine. We live up to our name with a vodka that is certified organic and GMO-free.

As testament to its quality, Purus received a 97 point rating from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the highest rating ever given to a vodka in the competition’s history. Purus also received the double gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, its highest award of excellence. These competitions are recognized throughout the industry as the gold standard for determining quality; judges are the most prominent and acknowledged beverage specialists in the world.

We are proud that the most well-versed vodka connoisseurs recognize the excellence of our product. So give Purus a try. Experience clean, refined, and genuine vodka for yourself.

“The Best Vodka I Have Ever Tasted”

– Forbes

  • Highest Scoring Vodka in Ultimate Spirits Challenge History
  • Highest Rated
    Equivalent to scoring in the 96-100 point range on the 100 point scale
  • Highest Award of Excellence
  • Superb Rating
    Highest Recommendation