Frequent Asked Questions

  • Where can I find Purus Organic Vodka?
    We are growing and as a result, the stores and states where Purus Organic Vodka is sold is growing. The best way to find us right now is to send us an email at mentioning what state you live in and we will let you know if we are currently sold in your area.
  • How is organic vodka different than regular vodka?
    The answer lies in the ingredients. Vodkas, like any product, are a result of the sum of their parts. Purus Organic Vodka uses grain that has not been sprayed with commercial fertilizers or pesticides. And while some people believe that because it is alcohol, all of the bad stuff used in non-organic vodkas is burned off or filtered out during the distillation process, this is not always true. While distillation and filtration help purify vodka, its core ingredients are what ultimately give it its flavor and characteristics. Starting with pure, uncontaminated organic ingredients ensures a more pure, uncontaminated final product.
  • Is Purus Organic Vodka Certified Organic?

    Yes! In fact, it is certified organic by three different agencies; the USDA, the CCPB, and Control Union. Each group ensures that Purus Organic Vodka meets organic certification requirements during each part of the production process, including the cultivation of the raw materials, the distillation process and the bottling process.

    Here are links if you would like to know more about our organic certifying agencies:

    USDA: View here »

    CCPB: View here »

    Control Union: View here »

  • Why do you make your vodka in Italy?
    Our goal is to produce the best quality vodka we possibly can for you to enjoy. The Piedmont region of Italy offers a fertile valley and an ideal cultivation conditions in which to produce our organic grain. It also provides a source of pristine water that is taken directly from the Italian Alps. Once we found these two purely clean ingredients, there was no looking back!
  • What inspired the bottle design?

    The water droplet bottle shape is a nod to Purus’s ultimate beginning as melt-off from the snow-capped Italian Alps.

  • What proof is Purus Organic Vodka?

    40% Alcohol by Volume (80 proof)

  • How many times is Purus Organic Vodka Distilled?

    5 times

  • How can I help?

    Any support you provide is greatly appreciated. Whether it is buying a bottle, sharing our story with others, or following us on social media, it all goes a long way! Our success depends on you and we pledge that we will continue to produce the best vodka we possibly can for you to enjoy!